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Welcome to the Den! Empty Welcome to the Den!

Post  Ikuar on Sun Dec 06, 2009 12:09 am

Let's start off with how the forum works shall we?

What is Role Play Den?
Role Play Den is a place where you can be creative and free without being held back. Of course we do have rules but we do want you to be creative and original. Fandom role plays are allowed though. You can make friends, chat and discuss writing and other subjects.

Do I have to introduce myself first or can I just start role playing?
We do think you should introduce yourself first for three reasons:

1. So people know what your personality is.
2. Your role playing style.
3. What you do and do not like to do in role playing.

Do I have to ask to join a role play?
Sometimes they request that you ask to join before posting. And others ask that you show your OC (Original Character) bio before letting you in. And no, we don't warn or ban members who do not let you join, this would be silly as they have their own reasons.

How do I make my own role play?
First, post your idea in the OOC forum where everyone can take a look at it and sign up. Then you can go to the main role playing boards (depending on what you are doing, there is fantasy, sci-fi and realistic) and post your role play there. Make sure to give a good description of what you do want to have happen and all the rules so people don't get confused. No one likes to join a role play that only says: "This is a sci-fi, they go to space and get lost".

This is subject to change! Thank you for reading!

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