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The ray of the sunlight in the room did nothing to stir Link from his fevered sleep. His body would tense and shiver and then tense again, teeth chattering without fail. Tetra didn’t sleep but sometimes she would. But then she’d wake up to Link struggling and then have to try and break the fever - it was almost pointless to try. He never responded to her words and it had been at least three days since he’d made any contact - the last few things he told her were almost unfathomable. She sighed wearily and put a hand to his forehead. His mouth opened to take in a breath but instead he let out a nasty cough.

“Please don’t get sick…” She whispered.

His fever had spiked. Medli had told her he might be ill for a while…

Although she’d not expected this.

His body shuddered and he let out a loud heave, a dry cough that sounded painful. She pulled off his sheets, moving his clothing to check his wounds. She’d barely even gotten his tunic up when Medli appeared in the cabin.

“Good morning, Tetra.” She said, trying to sound cheerful.

The atmosphere in the cabin was anything but. The sunlight didn’t even seem to make things better and it had been raining for at least two days. The crew was quite happy to see the sunlight coming in, but at the same time their Tetra and her husband were not so well.
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