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Loose Knots / Broken Bonds (title undecided) Empty Loose Knots / Broken Bonds (title undecided)

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- Spring Day. 24 Year 2 -

“The wedding of Gill and Angela is scheduled for the third of spring, next year. Is that far away enough for you?”

Gill nodded his approval, “Yes.”

I nodded as well. The two of us had become engaged two days earlier and were discussing with the mayor when to have the wedding, well that was done with anyway. The reason being, well…he wasn’t quite ready to tie the knot. I disagreed inwardly, but didn’t voice it.

“After I become mayor it should be easier. I’d be too busy to spend a second with you.” He said with that ever blank expression he often wore.

I had nodded my agreement that day. He wanted to make sure he was tied to me by engagement though. I guess he was paranoid that I’d run off on him. Not too likely.


I looked out of the corner of my eye and noticed Gill’s waiting expression. He also looked kind of hungry.

“Oh, sure.” I nodded.

“Great, let’s go to the Inn.”

Did I ever say no?

The walk to the inn wasn’t very long. We stepped off the last step and turned the corner. I could already smell food before the door was even open.

“Welcome to Sundae Inn!” Kathy sounded slightly elated, more than usual but it made me smile.

“Hi Kathy!”

Gill said nothing, he gave a slight smile but that was about it for him. We were seated at a table where we usually sat for lunch.

“What can I get you two?”

“The usual.” Gill answered.

“I’ll just have some blueberry pie.” I pushed the menu away and she went off to fill our orders. I looked across the table where Gill was staring to the left with his hands clasped together.

“Something wrong?”

“No. I’m just thinking.”

I nodded slowly and then decided to look away myself. It felt awkward when he was thinking. I didn’t know how to really talk to him when that was going on. He was always thinking of important things.

“About becoming mayor?”

“I guess.”

I smiled at him and leaned forward, pressing my elbows firmly into the table.

“You’ll be a great mayor! Don’t worry too much about it, okay?” I kissed my finger and then pressed it against his cheek.

“I’ll certainly try not to.”

Then the inevitable happened. For the past few weeks I’d really put up with his get up and run schedule. There was always something he had to do. I found myself often sitting alone with his lunch and mine while he went to run his royal errands. This was the same thing. He shot up telling me sorry as he often did and dashed out of the inn just as Luke appeared. Now Luke was another story. I’d made good friends with him and spent a lot of time at the carpentry checking things out.

He really was a nice guy, if not completely compulsive from time to time. He was definitely a great person to be around. Generally concerned though with my choice in men.

“Angie!” He called.

Oh, he spotted me.

“I saw Gill leaving, what’s got his pants on fire?”

“Business as usual.” I reached forward and grabbed my drink within my hands. I couldn’t help but feel slightly dejected.

Luke let a frown appear as he started digging into Gill’s lunch.

“I heard you guys are planning a wedding.”

Wow. News gets around fast.


“You don’t sound very thrilled.”

I looked away from my food and noticed that he was staring me down as if trying to get me to talk it out. He wasn’t being pushy though. Lucky me.

“He wants to have it next year.”

“Ouch. Isn’t that a bit distant?”

“Well…in the spring. We’re not too far-”

“It’s really distant though. I mean, if I were getting married it would be as soon as possible. It might be just me, but I think that guy is holding off.”

“Well yeah but I agreed…” I was trying to stand up for Gill but I knew I was lying to myself. I knew that wasn’t what I wanted.

“Why did you agree?”

“Because it’s what I want.” I lied through my teeth, I wanted a beautiful summer wedding.

“It’s not what you want.” Luke persisted, “You look miserable!”

I pushed my pie away and slammed my head on the table with one hundred percent no mercy. I wanted to cry. I was miserable.

“So Gill has commitment issues?”

“I don’t know.” I mumbled against the wood.

“I’d say he does.”

“He wants to wait to become mayor first.”

“And when will that be?” Luke tossed his head back, “Listen, Ang, I’m not trying to pull you and Gill apart but he’s being sort of strange, don’t you think?”

Don’t I think? No. I don’t think. I say yes to just about anything and everything. Our first date was spontaneous, I just replied with a nod, nothing more. Had I fallen into this just because of my inability to really make a decision?

“I think he’s just trying to do what’s right.” I couldn’t even convince myself that what I was saying was correct.

“He did just leave you sitting here. Has he done that before?”

“He’s just busy. Let’s cut him some slack.”

Luke put his hand on my arm and leaned forward after pushing the plate aside. His hand felt so warm, unlike Gill’s, and his eyes held some form of concern. He always looked at me like that when he knew I was in dismay.

“Angela… why don’t you just tell him that’s not what you want?”

“I-” Before I could finish Kathy had returned to refill the drinks. Luke snatched his hand back and sat back in the seat, face burning I’m certain.

“Where’d Gill go?” Kathy asked.

“Oh the usual.” I replied, “He had errands to run.” I noticed that Kathy was throwing glances at Luke who was still stuffing his face with Gill’s lunch.

“Oh him? He’s my buddy.” I smirked, “Especially when I’m feeling particularly dejected.”

“Sounds painful.” Kathy commented as she refilled my glass.

“You have no idea.”
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