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Post  Ikuar on Thu Feb 25, 2010 8:17 pm

It was pouring rain the night of the accident. I woke up to the scent of smoke and the numerous things in the house burning. The rain did nothing to stifle the flames lapping the huge wooden house I lived in.

My first instinct was to get out of there - and fast! I gathered up the clothes that had not been eaten by the fire yet and ran for the window. I was on the second floor of the house and it didn’t seem too scary of a drop. I’d done scarier things. I held tight to the bag I was carrying with me and slipped through the window, careful not to lose my footing. The smooth surface of the bottom of my shoes was doing nothing for me at that moment, considering the type of roof I had. Certain I had my footing, I slid forward on my bottom and moved slowly towards the edge.

I dug my fingers into one of the rough edged shingles on the roof as I started to slide further. My grip loosened and I went back to grab but my nails broke and fingers skinned across the rough surface before going to my knuckles, which started to bleed.

In my attempt to look at the wound I forgot where I was and began to tumble off the roof like a rag doll. My foot got caught in the gutter where my ankle proceeded to graze across the sharp edge before I finally fell to the ground.

I was shaken, bleeding, tired. I slowly got my footing and winced as a sharp pain ran up from my ankle to my knee. I glanced down and saw blood running down over my foot and momentarily began to degrade myself for being so ignorant.

I ignored it and got my carriage where I hurried to hook the horses up. I had to run. I knew exactly who was after me and they wouldn’t be far behind if they were still around watching. If I was lucky they’d think me dead.

I got the horses hitched up and proceeded to drive off as fast as I could. I don’t think they knew where we were going and neither did I. The rain pounded against me as we raced through the trees. There was no going back. No looking back. We weren’t turning around. I breathed heavily, shivering against the cold, biting, wind that was slapping against my pale skin. Suddenly and without warning something crashed against the side of the carriage and we were careening down a slope. Crashing, rolling, screaming.

It came to a stop, the horses were struggling to their feet, slipping in the mud. I emerged from the rubble and looked around cautiously. There was no light, save for the lightening in the sky. I was really not feeling too hot by then. My body was covered in cuts and bruises.

“I found you, Ana.”

I looked up to see a dark face.

“I told you what would happen if you didn’t return to the clan.”

“I told you I was done.” I seethed, digging my nails into the broken wood of my carriage.

“Well you know what happens to those who abandon it. You were such a good person too, Ana, really.”
I chuckled, “And then I had other commitments. What will it take to get it through your thick skull that I’m done with that life?”

“I won’t. We want you back and if you refuse then I’ll just have to tell you what happens to those who refuse. I’ve given you enough time to think about it.”

“I thought about it. No.”

His eyes, I could tell he was very angry with me at that point. He pulled me up out of the rubble and tossed me on the firm ground above it.

“You, you are not getting out of this that easily!” He pointed his blade at me and his eyes narrowed deep, “You will suffer the consequences!”

His blade came down so quickly I almost didn’t have a moment to even dodge. I ran to the side and started to scramble up the slopes. It was impossible. I was slipping, my feet were wounded, my body was so tired.

“Ana! Don’t make me kill you, come back before things get dirty!” He shouted.

“I refuse to return!” I shouted, “I can’t go back!” I slipped and was soon facing him again. His sword was to my throat.

“I’ll tell you once more…”

I gasped as he brought it closer.

“…return to the clan.”

I clenched my teeth together before shouting, “Never!” I kicked out my leg and slammed my foot into his ribs, knocking him backwards before I jumped down and landed in front of him. My body wavered for a moment but I quickly got my composure. I snatched up his blade and put it to his own throat.

“Shall I tell you why I left?” I pushed a little harder, but not hard enough to break the skin.

He didn’t answer me. He stared up with anger in his eyes, frustration and a seething glare. Neither seemed to scare me.

“I am pregnant with your grandchild.” I said, hands shaking as I continued to hold the blade to his throat.
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