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Post  Ikuar on Tue Mar 02, 2010 11:21 pm

I had already lost feeling in my toes when Dev and I entered the house. It was snowing hard outside, big, fluffy snow flakes were raining down upon us without mercy. I wiggled my numb, frozen piggies when I got my boots off, Dev staring down at me as if I were a small child and he the parent, waiting for me to join him in the kitchen.

“I’m coming.” I said, glancing up at him with a crooked grin.

He smiled back, as he often did and just nodded his approval. Dev wasn’t much for talking but he did enough that we were able to properly communicate. I could read his eyes though, better than anyone.

“I guess ordering pizza is out of the question?” He asked, peaking his head out the kitchen door.

I had just shed my winter ware and was practically tiptoeing towards him. My toes were still quite numb so I moved to walk on my heels.
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