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Post  Ikuar on Fri Mar 26, 2010 11:47 pm

“You did so well, Katia.”

“Yes, she’s beautiful, look at her hair. Just like her father’s? Oh what a man he was.”

Katia looked down at the fragile baby girl in her arms. The baby was born a week early at best but she looked healthy. She looked strong enough. A baby that could take over a kingdom? Maybe. Katia wasn’t sure of that just yet.

“What will you call her, Miss?”


“Manoa? Isn’t that the name of her ancestor? The warrior princess?”

Katia’s eyes seemed to be wandering, she found herself dismissing her maids and the midwife. She could care less what they were saying about her baby.

“Manoa… that was the girl with the eyes? The ones with…”

She felt the baby’s hand grip her finger lightly and then tighter seconds after. She was about to get upset with her maids, speaking of her ancestors in that way. She could hear them whispering about her name choice.

“Shush, Manoa is a beautiful name. She’s going to be a strong leader. She’ll-”

Katia’s voice caught in her throat when she saw her precious daughter open her eyes. One was purple and the other was a sharp, blue color. Her face paled. She’d never seen it so close, only in old paintings. Her heart raced. She could have never pictured her own daughter having eyes of a legendary warrior princess. Her eyes seemed so alert, so unlike a real newborn. She seemed to have a knowing look on her face.

Katia gave a strained smile, “Don’t look.” She carefully covered the baby’s face with a blanket, loose enough that it wouldn’t hurt her to breathe. She cut her eyes at the maids, “She’s beautiful, it’s nothing to be alarmed about.”


The huge, silver edged blade extended to the neck of Isala, a murderous, betraying woman who wanted nothing more to see her enemies suffer. Of course, Manoa wouldn’t allow such a thing. Her blade was aimed, readying to slice off her head at the slightest move.

“Why?” Manoa asked, voice strong as ever. Her grip on the blade’s handle stayed strong. Her eyes never left the woman’s face. They were accusing, narrowed in anger and rage.

“Why did I kill him? I have my reasons.”

“Why did you betray me?! I had trusted you with everything in me and all you wanted to do was betray my trust, kill my fiancé! How could I ever forgive you for this?”

Isala blinked slowly, body leaning ever closer to the edge of the cliff where her persecution would take place. She was holding her breath as she was faced with two forms of potential death sentence. Losing her head or being kicked off to face the rocky death below her. She gulped. This was her own fault. Her matted hair stuck to her face as she sweated in fear.

“Easy. You have it all too easy, love, an army to lead and power. Plenty of power. You could have prevented his death, am I right?”

Isala knew all of Manoa’s weak places. It was a fact that no one could ever deny. She watched Manoa’s expression turn from intense anger to strain and frustration. Her eyes cut further, brows furrowing deep as she brought the blade closer to Isala’s neck. That was a sign. Manoa knew she possibly could have prevented her fiancé’s death.

“You still committed a crime against the kingdom, your queen and your people. You are still under the charges of betrayal and murder.”

Isala knew that to be true. Even knowing it she found herself laughing, smiling and looking at Manoa’s two colored eyes. Icy blue and purple. She could see what was coming next. She knew Manoa wouldn’t stand for being talked to that way. Beautiful and kind as she could be, she was also very serious with her title. It wasn’t going to be pretty.

“What would you like, Isala? To have your head sliced off inhumanely or to be knocked from the cliff? Your choice.”

The silver haired woman, Isala, laughed again and then gave a soft smile, “Take your pick, Princess.”

Manoa’s eyes widened considerably, her expression turned from frustration to deep rage. She struggled to swallow against the pain in her throat and blinked past the tears.

“I’m sorry.” She said with a loud groan. She spun around and jabbed the hilt of the sword into Isala’s head. The hit made a sickening cracking sound and the crowd of army members watched as Isala tumbled off the edge.

Manoa choked against tears again, “Goodbye… old friend.”
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