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Post  Ikuar on Sat Apr 03, 2010 11:43 am

The golden light around them faded into the darkness as they slowly dropped to the ground after being teleported back to Hyrule Field. The tingling feeling of being teleported left after a few seconds of being on the ground and Link quickly scanned his surroundings. Upon looking to the grass beneath him he spotted paws and the chain still connected to his front, right paw. His body weighed a moment, heavy with dismay that he was still in that form. He was certain, at the time, that he would stay in his human form. But then something had gone differently after meeting Zant and the feeling of triumph disappeared, becoming somewhat of a fear. Not necessarily the kind he normally felt. More like shock at what he saw before him. What he faced could not be fought with him taken by surprise the way he was.

All these thoughts didn’t stay. His eyes shot open when he heard an unusual sound behind him. It was rapid, unsteady and unlike what he normally heard after completing a task. What had happened to Midna? He shot his head around swiftly, shocked at the sight of his companion, paled compared to how she normally looked - sitting on his back with a smirk on her face. She would be telling him what they had to do next, complaining about things in general or just anything. She was often very spunky. This wasn’t the Midna he was used to. She was laying against his fur, tiny hands gripping like they’d never gripped before.

“What’s happening? Midna…”

Before he could think anything else a voice came. He’d heard a voice like it before but it seemed more urgent.

“Link, hero chosen by the goddesses… go to the princess locked away in the castle. The princess holds the key that will unlock you from your shadow form…”

Link knew if he hesitated it would only get worse. His shadow form wasn’t the only thing on his mind. He could hear her breathing, fighting, gripping onto what was left of her strength.


Her voice was so tiny, so soft and weak that he couldn’t help but hurry on. His legs wouldn’t have carried him at that speed were he human at that moment. He felt her little hands grip tighter to his fur, tugging at it every time he made an effort to go faster. What would happen when he met the princess? Would he be turned to normal? Would Minda…? He couldn’t bear to think that way. He preferred not to look at things as if they would go downhill. Midna would be fine, it was just an injury, his own wounds were easily cared for and hers could be too. Right?

“Is she bleeding? Why did I have to be out cold when that happened?”

His mind scrambled to make sense of the situation. Listening to her breathing was only making him want to go faster. By the time he reached Castle Town it had begun to pour rain and it was a bit colder outside than he’d remembered it before that. Finally he reached his destination. He didn’t take long to look at the label on the door. All he had to do was sneak through Telma’s bar and he would be able to get to where he was going - Hyrule Castle. The door was a crack open thankfully and he began to step inside. Only for a moment was he greeted with the warmth he looked for. It didn’t take long for someone to panic and kick him out. How could he have forgotten so quickly that no one would want a wolf in their bar? He shook his head after tumbling backwards and glanced back at Midna.

“It doesn’t look like your hurt more than you were before… don’t worry. I’ll find help.”

His best chances for help were at the castle. It wasn’t like anyone could see Midna or help her with human medicine or comforts.
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