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The Den Rules -Subject to Change- Empty The Den Rules -Subject to Change-

Post  Ikuar on Sun Dec 06, 2009 11:38 am

General Rules

Please make sure to read all the way through these rules before making a role play or posting on someone else's topic. It's important that you know these so you can have fun with everyone else and see the board at its full potential. Thank you!

We won't appreciate spamming.
Why? Well it's very unnecessary to everyone. Because it's pointless and unreadable we really would appreciate it if you do not post things like: "Dat ish so funy rofl rofl rofl"

Instant hit.
Don't have your character do something like this: "He punched him in the face and knocked him straight to the ground" especially if you are doing it to someone else's character. Please let the other person decide whether or not you hit them.


Person A: He aimed for the man's face, hoping to get a direct shot.
Person B: The man dodged, bringing his leg around to kick his enemy.
Person A: He was hit in the ribs, knocking the wind right out of him!

No God-modding.
Please do not play other people's characters unless they say you can. It's very annoying to make someone else's character do something that is out of character for them to do or say.

Abuse, bullying and general hate.
We don't tolerate this either. Why? Because it's just wrong. If you attack anyone in any way for any reason (just because, or they did this or that) is not a good thing to do. Instead, if you see something going wrong notify any of our available mods or admins (the ones in red are the admins: Ikaur (me) and Ester). Don't try to handle these things on your own.

How to notify us:

1. Make sure to make a screenshot of the event (hit "Print Screen" on your keyboard and then paste it into paint). Upload it and show us the image.

2. If it is on the forum click the 'report' button. We'll take a look at it as soon as possible.

3. Send us a PM (either me or Esther) and we'll get back to you on it. Don't forget to point out the username.

But please, do not report just because. If you do, you'll get a warning.

Double posting.
It's not tolerated. It goes up in the category of spam. The only time you may double post is if you need to bump your topic and that is if it is on the second page or has not had a post in two days.

Another way to avoid double posting is if you notify all the people in your role play that they haven't posted in a while, but don't force them to come back:

"Hello, the role play you joined has not been posted on. I am letting you know so that if we get going again you do not get left behind" something on that order.

You may NOT double post on game threads or chat threads.

One liners in role plays.
We are striving to make this a place where your imagination can soar. One lined posts are for chat role plays or PM. Try to make your post something worth reading, add detail and a setting.

Please be respectful!
If you are disrespectful, (I.E. Bashing, calling the mod names and being hurtful) we will be less likely to help you. So please be courtious and respectful when speaking to the staff or anyone else for that matter.

If you think you were wrongfully warned then:

1. Send either me (Ikuar) or Esther a PM telling your story.

2. Be very kind, don't thrash or rage about what happened. If you are respectful then we will be less likely to say the mod in question had a right to warn you.

3. We want to be fair. Be fair to us by being honest.

Violence, romance and humor.
Make sure to rate your role play at the top of the message before writing out your plot and rules.

"This role play is rated for violence and blood - PG13"

This will help users to know what is to be expected.

We do not accept sexual content.

This will also not be tolerated. In good writing you won't find every other word a curse word. It's very hard to read when the writer is always using profanity.

Please, if you have any questions or worries contact me (Ikuar) and I'll get back to you soon!


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The Den Rules -Subject to Change- Empty Here's a couple more rules from yours truly!

Post  Esther on Sun Dec 06, 2009 4:58 pm

Leave politics out of this!

We have a section in which you can discuss politics(and other non-roleplay topics)to your heart's content! But keep them out of roleplays! We have had our fill of it in real-life! Strawman Politicals are also not allowed. Role-plays are meant to be fun, not soapboxes to express one side of the debate while bashing the others. Characters are their own person, not your mouthpiece.

No character bashing!(For fandom roleplays)

If you don't like a particular character, it's fine as long as you don't go around bashing them! That includes making other characters act out of character, killing them off in senseless ways and everyone laughs, making them act out of character, making them suffer and saying "They deserved it.", and making pointless reasons why they were hated. As I said before, roleplays are meant to be fun and everyone has the right to play as their favorite character(and even have their own take on the character)as long as they keep in character.


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