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Five year old Zoe scrambled into the kitchen dragging her favorite blue and red scarf behind her on a wintry day in December. The whole house smelled like pancakes and for once her parents weren’t fighting over silly things. Well, they were silly things to Zoe but either way the yelling would always scare her.

“Daddy!” She called eagerly as she practically flew into the kitchen with a big smile on her face, “Daddy! I wanna go play in the snow!” Her tiny feet made thumping noises on the floor and Jake immediately noticed that her pink boots were on the wrong feet.

“Okay, okay.” Jake got down so he could see eye to eye with her and then made her sit down. “Your boots are on the wrong feet again.”

“I can... can’t tell left from wrong!” Zoe began to pout instantly as her father pulled the boots off of her. She instantly brightened when she saw her toes, clad in knee high sparkly, pink tights. She wiggled them and giggled, eyes obviously wide in excitement. Her clothes almost never completely matched but she was happy either way. “Look! I found my toes and they are sparkly!”

“They are!” Jake replied in happy response to Zoe’s cheerful cries. “But I can’t tell how many you have!”

“I have a lot! I can count!”
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